This tune gets its name from the musical style we call “jazz”. It seems just about everyone has their own hypothesis as to the origins of the word jazz. Some say it’s from Africa others say from France… it’s possible that “jazz” is a Creole word derived from the Ki-Kongo verb “dinza”, used in New Orleans and in the Black communities of the United States. The evolution of this word is representative of the cultural evolution I want to depict on this album. That is why this tune is called Dinza, given it is an homage to the evolution of “jazz”.
  • Carlos Cippelletti: Piano/compositions/arrangements
  • Bobby Martínez: Tenor Sax
  • Manuel Machado: Trumpet
  • Gregorio Herreros: Keyboards/Synths/Electronics
  • Reinier Elizarde: Double Bass
  • Georvis Pico: Drums
  • Erik Larrea: Batá Drums/Congas
Guest Artsts:
  • Alvaro Artime: Trumpet
  • Cesar Filiu: Alto Sax

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