This appropriately titled tune gets its name from the well-known musical style we call “funk”. In the Ki-Kongo language “Lu-Fuki” originally referred to strong body odor and not to “funk” which meant fear or panic. That said, etymologically speaking, “Lu-fuki” is more closely related to the jazz description of “funky” we are familiar with, in its form and in its meaning. Enjoy the piece and this tidbit of information!  

Carlos Cippelletti (Piano/compositions/arrangements)
Bobby Martinez (Tenor Sax / Soprano Sax)
Manuel Machado (Trumpet)
Gregorio Herreros Sanchez (Keyboards/Synths/Electronics)
Reinier Elizarde el Negrón (Double Bass)
Georvis Pico Milian(Drums)
Erik Larrea (Batá Drums/Congas)
David Lorenzo Adkinson (Sound Design vocal Effect)

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